Chevrolet's Bewitching Bonanza

When Bewitched began, Chevrolet alternated with Quaker Oats as the advertising sponsor for the show. There were other popular shows that were also sponsored by Chevrolet, Bonanza being one of them. Here we have a very rare commercial spot for the new 1965 Chevrolet cars. This unusually long (by today's standards) ad first aired on Sunday, September 27, 1964 and ran 5 and a half minutes in length. It immediately followed the conclusion of the sixth season episode of Bonanza: "The Hostage." This episode ran without commercial interruption, as part of an agreement between the Bonanza producers and their longtime sponsor Chevrolet to air one episode per season sans interior ads.
It's a truly special find because it included the stars of Bonanza: Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker and Michael Landon, plus the star of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Robert Vaughn and filmed on the Bonanza set. But it's especially intriguing for the appearance of the three stars of Bewitched: Elizabeth Montgomery, Agnes Moorehead and Dick York, because it was shot in color! At this time Bewitched was still being filmed in black and white, so here we get another glimpse of our favorite witches in natural living color!
It's just a little bit of magic that this gem survives. Read the actual dialogue spoken below the images.

(Some Bewitched fans may remember a tiny clip of this commercial that was used in accordance with Chevrolet's sponsorship of the 1999 Grammy awards)

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Lorne Greene introduces the commercialPernell Roberts pulls up in a red corvettePernell Roberts in close upRober Vaughn walks in front of the new CorvairRober Vaughn sits inside the CorvairDan Blocker & Lorne Greene introduce Liz & Agnes

LG: Welcome to Virginia City. Though I guess we should call it "Chevrolet City"...because this is where we'll begin to show you the exceptionally exciting line-up of new 1965 cars from Chevrolet. So, let's get started...with Pernell Roberts and Corvette. (Roberts drives up in a red Corvette)
PR: This is the '65 Corvette Stingray. Looks like it means business...and it does. These new functional side vents help cool the engine and new this year, disc brakes all around. Try the '65 Corvette. Put yourself in the cockpit and find out why they call it a Sting Ray. You'll see what driving a real sports car is all about.
LG: And now...let's meet Robert Vaughn, star of Chevrolet's new adventure thriller... "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
RV: Hello. The 1965 Corvair is the most exciting new car I've seen. It's all-new, international style makes it the most sophisticated car you can buy. And if that's not enough, look at this: you can get Corvair with the new telescopic steering column. Twist...and it adjusts to you. A comfort exclusive for Corvair and Corvette. And over there - more Corvair news. The new Corsa. And you can get the Corsa with up to 180 horsepower. Enough to make you say, "Uncle."
LG: Coming up now...two very bewitching Chevrolet stars.
DB: The beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery and the lovely Agnes Moorehead
Elizabeth Montgomery & Agnes Moorehead pop inElizabeth Montgomery & Agnes MooreheadElizabeth Montgomery & Agnes MooreheadElizabeth Montgomery & Agnes MooreheadElizabeth Montgomery & Agnes MooreheadElizabeth Montgomery & Agnes Moorehead

(The witches pop in)
AM: Hello everyone.
EM: Part of our new job for Chevrolet this fall is to be very bewitching. And to do all sorts of unexpected things. Like this (twitches nose & Dan Blocker pops in).
AM: How do you do?
Dan Blocker close upDan medium shotElizabeth Montgomery shows off the ChevelleElizabeth Montgomery close upElizabeth Montgomery twitchesDick York pops in the drivers seat
EM: Have you seen the new 1965 Chevelle? (car pops in). It's been beautifully refined for '65. And that new Chevelle ride. Why it's so soft and smooth. And for the inside - (twitch) is Dick York, my TV husband. (DY pops in)
DY: Oh, hi. The Chevelle interior is sheer...uh, sheer "magic." (pops out)
Elizabeth Montgomery quizzically looks at YorkYou really must see the wonderful new Chevelle soonAgnes pops inAll right, DanI'm sure I'd be comfortably transported in itMichael Landon describes the '65 Chevrolet
EM: You really must see the wonderful new Chevelle soon.
DB: Miss Moorehead? (AM pops in)
AM: Right here next to you Mr. Blocker.
DB: Aw Ma'am. You can just call me Dan.
AM: All right, Dan.
DB: May I show you the 1965 Chevy II?
AM: Oh Yes, lets. (walks over to car)
Why they've changed the roofline.
DB: It gives brand new style to what's got to be the most dependable car on the road.
AM: I'm sure I'd be comfortably transported in it.
DB: I'm sure you could, too. And the Chevy II is the only car you can get with a four, six or an eight cylinder engine.
AM: Well, for you people who are obliged to use automobiles to get about, Chevrolet's, Chevy II is perfect. (Pops out in a puff of smoke)
LG: Now let's see Mike Landon's surprise.
ML: Here is it, the completely new 1965 Chevrolet. Chevrolet is the beautiful shape for '65. Let me get out of the way so you can enjoy it.
LG: (VO) You know the '65 Chevrolet is loaded with luxury in every inch. It's longer, wider and roomier. And not only is it all new outside as well as inside... But Chevrolet is completely new underneath too. It's brand new frame and new suspension make it's famous jet smooth ride even better for '65.
I'll tell ya, this boy thinks of everythingThe parade of Chevys begins with CorvetteLiz drives by in ChevelleMiss Moorehead rides atop the Chevy IILandon drives on byLorne Greene closes the promo
ML: Lorne, how about showing the folks the interior.
LG: I'll tell ya, this boy thinks of everything.
ML: Inside this Impala Sport Coupe is as young, as swinging, as sport-lovin' as you could want. Give this baby a try. (drives away)
LG: (Chuckles) Well, you've met Chevrolet's new family of television stars. And the new 1965 cars. (Cars parade by with each star driving) I think you'll agree that never have so many truly new and exciting cars come your way all at one time. Well, I hope you'll visit your Chevrolet dealer tomorrow to see the entire lineup of new 1965 Chevrolet cars close-up. Thank you for joining us.

Thanks to my friend Charles Abel for creating the video clip!

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