Download the audio to this rare,
Bewitched sponsor opening from a Seventh Season episode.

Clairol Logo
Click on the Clairol Logo to download the entire Bewitched theme
to play along with the images.

strip one

Announcer:"Elizabeth Montgomery in......... Bewitched".......

strip two

....... the familiar theme plays........

strip three

strip fourClairol animation

After smokey credits the announcer returns:
"Tonight's show is brought to you by....(Cartoon witch twitches)...
Clairol. Creators of the exciting natural look in beauty. And tonight by Miss Clairol.
Now available in two fabulous formulas."

Hi. Welcome to a new season of Bewitched...

During the first five episodes of Season Seven, Elizabeth
Montgomery had a special intro for the Salem episodes.
Click on Liz to see her introduction.

Note: The end credit music for the first episode of Season Seven was also extended,
as in episode #12 from the first season. Here it by clicking HERE.

Clairol Commercial
Clairol Commercial

During the filimg of a Bewitched episode. The cast was sometimes called upon to do a commercial advertisment for the sponsor's product. Here Elizabeth Montgomery does her best to keep smiling through one of her duties as star of the show. This commercial was filmed for a sixth season episode.

Thanks to Mark Simpson for discovering the Clairol Opening!

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