Gary Cooper portrays a controversial American hero in this electrifying true story of the most sensational military trial in our country's history.
It is the end of WWI -- and the birth of aerial warfare. Though airplanes had only been used for reconnaissance, Brigadier General Billy Mitchell has foreseen their deadly power and importance in future combat as bombers and fighter planes. But his superiors in the Army Air Service are blind to his prophecy. When Mitchell begins his campaign to build an armed air force against their will, they brand him a traitor and summon him for court-martial. Although the Army attempts to cover up the trial, it becomes an explosive media event that exposes the self-serving imcompetence of the military and how one man's vision can serve to shape history!

·Acclaimed direction by Otto Preminger ("Exodus:' "Advise And Consent:' "Anatomy Of A Murder," "Laura")

·Superb supporting cast includes Academy Award winning Best Actor Rod Steiger ("In The Heat Of The Night:' 1967; "The January Man"), Ralph Bellamy (Trading Places:' "Sunrise At Campo Bello"), Charles Bickford i"Johnny Belinda',' "Duel In The Sun":! and Eilizabeth Montgomery in her film debut

.Academy Award" nominated for Best Story and Screenplay
Starring Gary Cooper and Rod Steiger
Also starring Ralph Bellamy, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jack Lord


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