This rare, and recently unearthed,
Bewitched sponsor opening is from the Seventh Season.

Excedrin Bottle
Click on the Excedrin Bottle to download the entire Bewitched theme
to play along with the images.

strip one

Announcer:"Elizabeth Montgomery in......... Bewitched".......

strip two

....... the familiar theme plays........

strip three

strip four></center><P><BR><P><ALIGN=CENTER><FONT COLOR=
After smokey credits the announcer returns:
"Tonight's show is brought to you by....(Cartoon witch twitches)...
"Excedrin, with more pain relievers. More total strength for the aches and pains of today's way of life. Excedrin."

Daytime Theme Music
During it's initial release on Daytime Televison, the Bewitched theme music was played without an announcer's voice over the introduction. Absent also is Elizabeth Motgomery's "Next in Color" introduction. Instead "IN COLOR" appeared under the Bewitched title.
Hear the uninterrupted theme by clicking on the frame grab.

Thanks to Mark Simpson for discovering this gem!

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