The "Other" York!

Here he is, that man you always see in the background, or walking by, or even as a chauffeur or butler. Meet Gerald York. Who is he? Well we previously thought he was the brother of actor Dick York, I have since learned, from Mrs. Joanny York, that Dick never had a brother! This York was a favorite extra on the "Bewitched" set and can be seen in almost as many episodes as Liz Montgomery! Okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but watch any episode with more than a few actors in it & you are sure to catch a glimpse of him.

Gerald's only credited episode was #129, "A Prince of A Guy".
Here are some other Gerald spottings

Episode #54: "And Then There Were Three"Episode #99: "Charile Harper, Winner"
Episode #100: "Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory"Episode #115: "Safe and Sane Halloween"
Episode #118: "Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds"Episode #174: "Samantha's Curious Cravings"
Episode #177: "To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat"Episode #187: "The Phrase Is Familiar""
Episode #190: "Super Arthur"Episode #208: "Samantha's Old Salem Trip"
Episode #227: "Laugh, Clown, Laugh"Episode #237: "A Plague on Maurice and Samantha"

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