DUPONT SHOW OF THE MONTH: Harvey CBS - September 22, 1958Elizabeth Montgomery and Art Carney

Art Carney is Elwood P. Dowd as an alcoholic who claims he keeps company with a six-foot-tall, invisible rabbit. Based on the hit play and movie, this amusing live television adaptation is directed by George Schaeffer.
In a wonderfully dreamy performance, Carney slightly smells of booze and flowers -- his Elwood P. Dowd is mild-mannered, sweet, gallant, courteous, and oh-so-pleasant. He's learned the value of enjoying the little things in life, like a flower, a beer or a talk with a friend. Marion Lorne brings up a brilliant performance as his frazzled sister. The supporting cast is just as magnificent. Larry Blyden is the psychiatrist, Elizabeth Montgomery is Miss Kelly, his nurse/receptionist.

This wonderful little teleplay asks the question: Who is crazier ? The happy man with the imaginary rabbit, or the people who want him to be 100% sane and not so happy? With a sweet, surreal story and a flawless cast, "Harvey" is one of those rare shows that tugs on your heartstrings.

Cast Elizabeth Montgomery with Marion Lorne and Art Carney

90 minutes with original Dupont commercials.

If you are interested in owning an unedited copy of this rare Liz appearance straight from the original kinescope, email me for details.

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