Burke's Law:
"Who Killed His Royal Highness?"

In this episode His Royal Highness, Grand Duke Kadarian, is found murdered at a dinner party. Analysis of the victim's pill box reveals capsules containing lethal belladonna that were substituted for the Duke's digestive pills. In the Duke's house Amos Burke finds two boxes of pills, along with an unfinished autobiography which was being written by a ghost-writer. The Grand Duke had made his reputation by being Hollywood's most successful phony. Elizabeth Montgomery is Miss Smith, a beautiful possible suspect.

Cameo appearances by Mickey Rooney, Bert Parks, Gale Storm, Sheldon Lenard, Linda Darnell & Telly Savalas.

If you are interested in owning an unedited copy of this rare Liz appearance, email me for details. VictorMas@aol.com

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