Henry Silva and Elizabeth Montgomery

Johnny Colini an American expartriate and formerly a notorious underworld figure, dramaticly kidnaps Giordano a young Sicilian outlaw, in a diabolical plot to wreak vengence against the American mobsters who betrayed him.
After years of training, Colini sends Giordano to America, giving him his own name - Johnny Colini or Johnny Cool - with the assignment of wrestling an underworld empire from a number of now successful and highly respectable men.
Johnny Cool encounters these men one after another. But first he meets Dare Guiness, a fashion designer, with whom he becomes instantly and turbulently involved.

Johhny Cool . . . Henry Silva
Dare Guiness . . . Elizabeth Montgomery
"Educated" . . . Sammy Davis, Jr.
and an all star cast

TRIVIA NOTES: This was the film in which Liz & her Bewitched Producer/ Director husband first met.

Liz also lends her voice to a dark haired airport attendant, dubbing in the actress' voice.

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