It's said that if you find a busy person you'll find a happy person. If the theory is right, Kasey Rogers should be one of the happiest around. In addition to her duties as wife of a Hollywood public relations executive and mother of four children, she's also has sold a screen play to Universal Studios. Her "spare" time is filled with tennis, swimming, badminton, volleyball. archery and the unusual talent (for anyone -- man or woman) of being a fast draw with a six-shooter. Oh yes, she also manages a full-time acting career along with all of these other activities. She plays the featured role of Louise Tate, wife of Darrin Stephens' (Dick York) boss on ABC's Bewitched. With Bewitched. With Bewitched returning in the fall, Kasey should stay busy -- and happy!

Article from TV Channels - August 3, 1968

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