Well here it is! Our first look at episode number one in color!!! Prime TV, a station that originates in Canada, has the rights to the first two seasons of "Bewitched" which have now been colorized by Columbia/Tristar. Now for the first time we get a look at what the show may have looked like had it been filmed in color from 1964. I must say they did a pretty good job. Unlike the dull colors used in the colorization of "Gilligan's Island", "Bewitched" is in vibrant, (almost) totaly accurate color! Endora's chiffon cape was originally lavender and not green until 1966. That inaccuracy aside, it does look great!
Something that may annoy us Americans is that not only is it in color, but totaly unedited! And not even sped up! Let's all move! We can only hope that one day we get to view "Bewitched" the same way here!

Thanks to my friend Martin for his wonderful contribution! Martin,you are the BEST!


Well, my good friend Martin has been taping Bewitched religiously for me from the begining. Not missing a single episode. Season one has been completed and we are into season two. The colors are still vibrant and beautiful. Although some of Elizabeth's most famous outfits have been colored incorrectly. Example: The dress Sam wears when Darrin meets Maurice was colored pink when in fact the original color was a turquoise blue. Those errors aside my real concern is that Prime has started to edit. Small snipets of dialogue have been removed. This procedure began with episode #32: "Illegal Separation." Although the editing is no where near as extensive as it has been on any other syndication broadcast, we are no longer privileged to see the unedited versions of Bewitched.
Prime has also taken to dissolving from the teaser to the opening cartoon. The fade to black and then fade from black into the cartoon has been replaced in some episodes with the overlapping of the action with the cartoon.
The show is still extremely enjoyable but I guess it has become too popular in Canada and needed more commercial time. Oh well. Maybe one day they will be released, in color on home video.


Prime has completed their run of seasons one & two. Season two was not colorized for this run. Only episodes #37 & #38 where shown colorized. The rest of the season was in black & white and edited.

They are having a Halloween special Friday, the 27th. Showing three Bewitched Halloween episodes. Through Tuesday, October 31st, with two more Halloween episodes. Then on Wednesday episode #140: "Splitsville" will air, continuing through season five. The first time around these episodes were unedited. We do not know if they will remain so.


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