Liz and the secret fear all women face

by Steve Jacques

Liz in court
TORMENTED: As you'll see her next.

Elizabeth Montgomery amused millions in the sixties as the nose-wiggling witch in the TV comedy series Bewitched.
But on February 20, she shows her acting magic in a straight-dramatic role. Not a nose-wiggle in sight.

And Liz is delighted.

Her NBC two-hour World Premier Movie, A Case of Rape, marks her return to drama after more than a decade of comedy.

Comedy is more difficult to do than drama," she said, "but I was hungry to do something that had solid meaning to it.


"It's fine to make people laugh but as an actress I like them think sometimes too."

In the TV movie, Lit whose sensational looks belie her 40 years, plays a housewife who is raped.

"Every woman lives with the fear that it could someday happen to her," she said.

Doing the show was an emotional experience and an education in some of the scenes which are frighteningly realistic."

Liz believes that the tube may finally be coming of age as a means of both entertainment and social discussion, and if so she wants to be part of it.

"Thank God the days are over when they were afraid to deal with serious subjects. TV has been for the most part tragically wasted."

Liz is trying to avoid being stereotyped. Just weeks before doing Rape, she started in a western adventure spoof, Mrs. Sundance.Liz in trouble

"The only criteria I have in choosing a script." she said, "is that it's honest and well written.

"l'm not a women's libber but I'd like to do some storiesabout women and their problems. So many shows revolve around men with the women strictly supportive."

The greatest benifit from her eight years in Bewitched has been the freedom to pick and choose her roles.

"Doing the series was anything but boring. But it was incredibly hard. There were times when I'd be so exhausted that I'd get to the studio and burst out crying.Liz with police

I'm grateful now that I can take my lime and work when I want. But if another series came along that really turned me on I'd probably jump at it.

I don't compulsively need to work like some actresses, but I sure like to.

While Liz has made only three movies, she'd like to do more.

"Right now I'm looking for commitment and honesty," she said.

That's a pretty heavy order, but I can try.

l'm likely to have my share of flops as well as successes. As long as I don't have to wiggle my nose for eight years again."

newspaper article from 1974, exact date & source unknown

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