The Rules of Marriage

The anguish of marital strife is sensitively evoked in this 1982 two-part TV-movie.

Elizabeth Montgemery & Elliott Gould are cast as Joan & Michael Hagen, sophisticated suburbanites with two children, a fine home and all the comforts of upper-middle-class life. As the story opens, the Hagens are celebrating their 15th anniversary at a surprise party. But the surprises to come belie their outward bliss: Michael, a novelist, drifts into a daliance that may not be his first; and clean begins an affair with a close family friend - which Michael discovers.
Underlying these infidelities are some painful truths about connubial strains, discontents and deceits worked into the plot - and even into telling soliloquies - by veteran TV writer Reginald Rose "12 Angry Men"!.

Alan - Michael Murphy
Marge - Susan Blackstone
Charlie - Sean Astin
Jill - Nancy Cartwright
Red Hewitt - Kenneth Mars

If you are interested in owning the unedited version of this rare two part drama, email me for details.

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