Scott's photoScott Viets, "The Bewitched Critic," is considered by many to be a top scholar and historian in his knowledge of all things "Bewitched," having literally studied and examined the show for over 20 years. He began writing "Bewitched" reviews back in 1984 in an insane desire and mission to chronicle and dissect each and every episode of one of television's best written and acted sitcoms -- and also as a truce for his roommates who were sick and tired of being inflicted with endless re-runs of "Bewitched" UNLESS he could shed NEW light on them! The roommates were soon converted.
In addition to "Bewitched" mania, Scott enjoys an active career as a professional actor, choreographer and teacher. He fondly dedicates his reviews to friends Tim & Don, who encouraged and inspired him to put his writing skills and love for "Bewitched" together...and of course to Vic, whose love for "Bewitched" and Elizabeth Montgomery is unsurpassed in its devotion.

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