[Something's Got to Give]

[MM on pool edge]

Well, here it is. Gorgeous quality footage of Marilyn Monroe in her last uncompleted role in "Something's Got to Give." This fabulous quality footage also stars Dean Martin, Cyd Charisse, Wally Cox, Phil Silvers and Tom Tyron. THIS IS NEVER BEFORE SEEN UNEDITED RAW FOOTAGE from her unfinished film! Every scene is here! The pool scene; the shoe store scene with Cox; a scene with Tom Tyron; Marilyn as Maid, Ingrid Tick; Marilyn with the kids and more! This raw footage includes additional, UNEDITED footage that was shown in AMC's "Marilyn Monroe: the Final Days"! Below are two different video packages. See the descriptions for each video tape content. Note: These tapes are from master sources. Nothing here is from TV broadcasts.

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"Something's Got to Give" - The Unedited Footage and More! - $65
Beautiful quality Raw footage: 114 min.
Something's Got to Give 1990 Documentary: 46 min.


"Something's Got to Give" - Restored! - $35
"Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days": 80 min.
Newly restored and reconstructed version: 37 min.
Full Screen Assembled version: 22 min.


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