Elizabeth Montgomery and Vin Scully
Elizabeth Montgomery and Vin Scully co-hosts of the Tournament of Roses Parade

Below we have some rare snipits from a 1966 radio interview Elizabeth Montgomery did with Dick Strout!
Strout's questions are in text. Click below on Liz's text to hear her answers.

STROUT: Well, Elizabeth, we mentioned in our introduction that Samantha will perform a bit of witchcraft over television by sending the children off to bed earlier. How will this be achieved?

LIZ: "Well I've been asked...

STROUT: Incidentally, where most witches wave there wands to perform magic, Samantha does it with a tweak of the nose. How did you arrive at this method?

LIZ: "Oh well...

STROUT: When you mentioned your husband Bill, that of course is Bill Asher the very talented director of "Bewitched".

LIZ: "Oh no...

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