That's me with Erin (Tabitha) Murphy

Hi! This is Victor Mascaro, inviting you to stay tuned to Vic's Bewitched Page, color! Yes, I am truly Bewitched! You might ask yourself: "Victor, just HOW did you get so frighteningly obsessed with "Bewitched" and Elizabeth Montgomery?" Well, I'll tell you...

Having grown up watching the original prime time run of "Bewitched, I remember seeing the first episode...(no, I'm not THAT OLD...I was four!) But still, it left an impression. My Mom (the sweetest and most loving woman) worked late on Thursday nights which is the night "Bewitched" originally aired. My brother, sister and I missing her, were allowed to stay up late and wait for her to come home. So with Elizabeth Montgomery as our very own "babysitter," a mother who looked (and still does) like Marlo Thomas and a red-headed Grandma who our father used to call "Endora" -- is it any wonder I thought my family was part of ABC's original Thursday night line up?

I was a quiet kid who'd rather sit and draw than play outside and at school became known as "Victor the Artist." I went to school for art but became distracted quickly and found I couldn't enjoy doing art as WORK. Immediately following, I found a job in retail where I started at 17 and became manager at 20 and have been working for the same company ever since. I've been with my partner Michael for seven years now. We love the sun and summertime, the beach, old movies, family get-togethers, the city and of course, "Bewitched" and Elizabeth Montgomery. Well, the "Bewitched" part Michael just kind of goes with. He's not really a fan. He actually teases me he likes Jeannie better!

I started collecting memorabilia as a kid on both "Bewitched" and old movies. As I discovered more and more, my collection just starting taking on a life of its own. I never dreamt that all the stuff I collected on "Bewitched" and Elizabeth Montgomery would ever become highly sought after or rare or that anyone else would ever find it as interesting as I did! I'm thrilled to have this website for all to share what I've been enjoying privately for so many years. It truly is a labor of love...hey, I even get to use up all my pent up art skills. Enjoy...and thanks for coming!

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