Elizabeth Montgomery Video List

Below is a list of many of Liz's TV & movie appearances all.

Armstrong Circle Theatre: "Millstone" 1/19/54 1/2 hr

Robert Montgomery Presents: "Our Hearts Were Young & Gay" 2/15/54 1hr (with original commercials)

Robert Montgomery Presents: "Home Town" 8/2/54 1 hr (with original commercials)

Kraft Television Theatre: "Patterns" 1/12/55 1hr

The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955) 2hrs (full screen & letterbox with theatrical trailer)

Studio One: "Summer Pavilion" 1955 1hr (with original commercials)

Studio One: "Drop of A Hat" 1956 1hr (with original commercials)

Warner Brothers Presents: "Seige" 2/14/56 1hr (with original commercials)

Kraft Television Theatre: "The Last Showdown" 4/11/56 1hr (with original commercials)

Kraft Television Theatre: "The Long Arm" 7/11/56 1hr (with original commercials)

Playhouse 90: "A Bitter Heritage" 8/7/58 90minutes

The Dupont Show of the Month: "Harvey" 9/22/58

Cimarron City: "Hired Hand" 11/15/58 1hr

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "Man With A Problem" 11/16/58 1/2 hr'Johnny Staccato' Cover

Riverboat: "The Barrier" 9/20/59 1hr

Johnny Staccato: "Tempted" 11/19/59 1/2 hr

Wagon Train: "The Vittorio Bottecelli Story" 12/16/59

One Step Beyond: "The Death Waltz" 10/4/60 1/2 hr (unedited version)

The Untouchables: "The Rusty Heller Story" 10/13/60 1hr (with original commercials)

The Twilight Zone: "Two" 9/15/61 1/2 hr

Thriller: "Masquerade" 10/30/61 1hr

Frontier Circus: "Karina" 11/9/61 1hr

Checkmate: "The Star System" 1/10/62 1hr

Alcoa Premier: "Mr. Lucifer" 11/1/62 1hr

Johnny Cool (1963) 2hrs'The Awakening Land' Cover

Saints & Sinners: "The Home-coming Bit" 1/7/63 1hr

Burke's Law: "Who Killed Mr. X?" 9/22/63 1hr

Rawhide: "Incident at El Cucero" 10/10/63 1hr

77 Sunset Strip: "White Lie" 10/25/63 1hr

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (1964) 2 hrs (with original theatrical trailer and ABC TV promo)

Burke's Law: "Who Killed His Royal Highness?" 2/21/64 1hr

Bewitched (1964-1972) 254 episodes. All complete, many w/ original sponsor openings.
Various rare BEWITCHED promos & commercials


ABC 1965-66 Fall Preview Special: Hosted by "Samantha" & "Darrin" 1hr

The Flintstones: "Samantha" 10/22/65 1/2 hr Liz & York as the voices of "Samantha" & "Darrin"

How to Stuff A Wild Bikini (1965) Cameo appearance! 2hrs

Bikini Beach (1965) Voice of "Ladibug" 2hrs

Jan and Dean...On the Run (1965) Cameo appearance! 1hr

The Hollywood Palace 10/1/66 1hr Liz as hostess with original commercials in color

Password - December 1966 1/2 hr episodes (Four available)

Password - May 1967 1/2 hr episodes (Four available)

The Victim (1972) 70 mins

Mrs. Sundance (1973) 2hrs'Amos' Cover

A Case of Rape (1974) 2hrs

Hollywood Squares - Feb. 1975 (One episode Promoting "The Legend of Lizzie Borden") 1/2 hour

The Legend of Lizzie Borden (1975) 2hrs

Hollywood Squares - Feb. 1976 (Eight total available, 2 Promoting "Dark Victory") 1/2 hour each

Dark Victory (1976) 3hrs

A Killing Affair (1977) 2hrs (with rebroadcast "Behind the Badge" promo)

The Awakening Land (1978) 7hrs (with 2 original promos)

Password Plus 1979 1/2 hr episodes (Fifteen available)

Jennifer: A Woman's Story (1979) 2hrs (with original promo)

Act of Violence (1979) 2hrs (with original promo)

Belle Starr (1980) 2hrs (with original promo)

When the Circus Came to Town (1981) 2hrs (with 3 original promos)'Between the Darkness & the Dawn' Cover

The Rules of Marriage (1982) 4hrs (with original promo & coming attractions)

Missing Pieces (1983) 2hrs (with original promo)

Second Sight: A Love Story (1984) 2hrs (with original promo)

Amos (1985) 2hrs (with original promo)

"ET" Scott Osborne interviews Liz (1985) 10 mins.

Between the Darkness & the Dawn (1985) 2hrs (with original promo)

Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair (1988) Narration 90 mins (original & dedication Liz versions)

CBS This Morning (1990) Interview with Liz & Foxworth for "Face to Face"

Face to Face (1990) 2hrs (with original commercial)

Sins of the Mother (1991) 2hrs (with original promo)

1992 Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade (2hrs 30mins)

One On One (1992) John Tesh interviews Liz & Foxworth 1/2 hr

The Dennis Miller Show (1992) 15 min interview Liz & Foxworth

CBS This Morning (1992) 15 min interview Liz & Foxworth

With Murder in Mind (1992) 2hrs (with News interview & original promo)

Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story (1993) 2hrs (with "ET" segment & promo)

Panama Deception (1993) 2hrs Narration (original & Liz dedication versions)

Batman & Robin: "Showdown" (1994) 1/2 hour as voice of the "Barmaid" (The Animated Series)

Entertainment Tonight (1994) for "The Corpse Had A Familiar Face"

The Corpse Had A Familiar Face (1994) 2hrs (with original promo)

Deadline for Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan (1995) 2hrs (with original promo)

A & E Biography: "Elizabeth Montgomery: A Touch of Magic" (1999) 1 hr (with original promo)

E! True Hollywood Story: Bewitched (1999) 2 hrs (with original promo)

ET - Bewitched: The Untold Story (1999) 1 hr (with original promos)

MSNBC "Headliners & Legends with Matt Lauer": Elizabeth Montgomery 8/1/01 - 1 hr (with original promos)

Plus various tributes to Liz from May of 1995.

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A Case of Rape Jennifer: A Woman's Story Dark Victory The Legend of Lizzie Borden The Victim
Act of Violence The Rules of Marriage Mrs. Sundance When the Circus Came to Town Bellw Starr Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story


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