Elizabeth Montgomery Video Want List

Below is a list of of Liz's TV & movie appearances that I need to complete my collection. If you have anything on this list, or anything that Liz appeared in that's not on either list, please email me Here. Check out my offer to have your 16mm Bewitched film transfered to video, FREE!

Appointment with Adventure: "Realative Stranger" 11/20/55

Armstrong Circle Theatre: "The Right Approach" 6/2/53

Bewitched (1964-1972) Episodes w/ original sponsor openings.
Bewitched Puss in Boots sponsor opening.
Bewitched Clairol sponsor opening.
Bewitched promos & commercials
Elizabeth Montgomery special introductions for Christmas epsiodes.

Climax!: "The Shadow of Evil" 5/24/56


Eleventh Hour: "The Bronze Locust" 11/6/63

The Hollywood Squares 1975 & 1978

Kraft Television Theatre:

"A Lift is Cold" 9/22/54
"The Diamond as Big as the Ritz" 9/28/55
"The Duel" 3/6/57

The Loretta Young Show: "Marriage Crisis" 2/15/59

One Step Beyond: "The Death Waltz" 10/4/60 (Original Version, in excellent quality)

Robert Montgomery Presents:

"Top Secret" 12/3/51
"The Half Millionaire" 7/6/53
"Two of a Kind" 7/13/53
"A Summer Love" 7/20/53
"Anne's Story" 7/27/53
"Duet for Two Hands" 8/3/53
"Red Robin Rides Again" 8/10/53
"Pierce 3098" 8/17/53
"Grass Roots" 8/24/53
"Once Upon A Time" 5/31/54
"In His Hands" 6/28/54
"The Expert" 7/5/54
"Story on Ilth Street" 7/12/54
"It Happened in Paris" 7/19/54
"Patricia" 7/26/54
"About Sara Caine" 8/9/54
"Personal Story" 8/23/54
"A Matter of Luck" 8/30/54
"Ten Minute Alibi" 9/13/54
"The Baobab Tree" 4/23/56
"Dream No More" 7/2/56
"Catch A Falling Star" 7/23/56
"Southern Exposure" 7/30/56
"The Company Wife" 8/27/56
"Mr. Parker Rhubard" 9/3/56

Studio One:

"A Dead Ringer" 3/10/58

Suspision: "The Velvet Vault" 5/19/58

The Tab Hunter Show: "For Money or Love" 9/25/60

Theatre 62: "The Spiral Staircase" 10/4/61

Wagon Train: "The Vittorio Bottecelli Story" 12/16/59 (Need Complete Version)

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