Cutely over-sexed episode finds Uncle Arthur putting on a "witchcraft show" for Tabitha's rowdy playmates, this time mistakenly conjuring up a COCKTAIL bunny instead of a COTTONTAIL bunny. With very thin plot and relatively no conflict, this episode manages to hop by pretty entertainingly as it blatantly becomes really more about sexual double entendres and play on words about rabbits/humans.

Most entertaining of all is Carol Wayne as "Bunny," who when asked just how many children she'd like to have replies, "Hundreds!" As if on loan from Hugh Hefner's HARE-m, she is a delicious delight who knows exactly how to play the dumb blonde smartly. Liz is pretty funny in this even though, strangely enough, she's actually given very little to do other than react to everybody else; poor Uncle Arthur's been reduced to Esmerelda's bumbling status and Dick Sargent's Darrin lives up to Arthur's insult that "if misery were snow, you'd be a blizzard!" Bernie Kopell is...well...Bernie Kopell but (thankfully) this time without a cheesy accent.

GUEST STARS: Carol Wayne was a regular on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show."
Danny Bonaduce (pre-"Partridge Family") plays the abusive Robert at Tabitha's party.

DIANE WATCH: Look for Diane as "Annabelle," Tabitha's party guest in a huge little 'ol lady wig who gets socked in the gut by little Danny Partridge.

GERALD WATCH: He's not just a bartender... he's a bartender with a NAME ("Charlie")

LOOK FOR: In the closing credits, Diane Murphy is listed as playing the role of "Diane" although she's called "Annabelle" in the show.

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