This sexy-hexy episode is so original and such a departure from the latter seasons rut of "another spell/another job threat/another save by Sam" formula that you're immediately intrigued before the opening credits fly by. Unfortunately, the endless possibilities of this premise are not explored or played out to their fullest.

First mistake is in having Liz play Sam even though everyone thinks she's Louise. What would've been incredibly fun would be to see Kasey Rogers (Louise) play Sam & KNOW she's Sam. Imagine Kasey in the scene where Sam displays her powers for Darrin -- THAT would've been fun, especially if she twitched! Likewise, Liz would've had a good time playing yet another character...Louise.

This could've easily been a two-part episode with several unusual plot twists. It's interesting that little Jonathan Tate is staring at Louise/Sam like he KNOWS something is wrong -- Why? How? It's never explored. Pity.

NOTE: Larry and Louise have separate beds. Even though Darrin and Sam have always slept together, censors at the time believed it too risque for unmarried people to be seen on a king size pad (remember, it's SAM as LOUISE), hence eliminating any dirty thoughts of "Did Sam and Larry do the nasty?"

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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