Download the audio to this rare,
Bewitched sponsor opening from the First Season,

Quaker Oats Logo
Click on the Quaker Oats Logo to download the entire Bewitched theme
to play along with the images.

strip one

Soft musical chords begin to play ... Anouncer: "The Quaker Oats Company Presents"... Logo disolves into moon... the witch flies past the moon & the theme goes into full swing... with the apperance of the show's title ... the witchs flies past again breaking up the title ... our favorite witch again apears ...

strip two

Samantha twitches her nose & pops into the kitchen... Darrin enters & upon kissing her she pops out...

strip three

...only to appear at his feet as a cat...She jumps into his arms & returns to her usual self... the pan on the stove smokes up... and after the smoke clears we see Sam & Darrin standing ...

strip fourCartoon dog animation

After the smokey credits the announcer returns:
"Brought to you tonight by: Ken-L Ration. The real thing in dog food. With lean red meat."

Darrin does a commercial
During the eight year run of Bewitched the cast was sometimes called upon to do a commercial for the featured sponsor. These were even more frequently done in the early years. Here "Darrin" promotes Quaker cereal. Download the audio by clicking on the frame grab.

Special Season One End Credits Music

Here's a look at the end credits promoting Quaker Puffed Wheat Cereal. Click on the image to download the alternate end credit music from Season One, used only for episode #12.

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