Lux Commercial Video

Here we have another extremely rare Bewitched/Elizabeth Montgomery find!

During the first two years of Bewitched, Elizabeth Montgomery was called upon many times to advertise products for Quaker Oats and Chevrolet. After all, they were the sponsors of the show. So why is our Samantha doing a Lux Soap commercial? Well, it seems this minute long, second season ad was filmed for Canadian television audiences. Click on the image above to view a video of the entire commercial! (2 MB)

(As the camera pans across the Stephens’ living room set, to a dressing room trailer)
Announcer: In this corner of a famous Hollywood studio is a very special dressing room belonging to TV’s most beautiful witch.

Announcer: Just look at that lovely complection.
Elizabeth Montgomery: Speaking of complections, would you like to see some magic? In this hand *in pops a bar of soap* I have a bar of beauty soap. And in this hand...

*in pops a fancy bottle* a bottle of expensive moisturizing lotion. What if I were to put them both together, like this? (Liz twitches her nose and the soap bar and bottle float and meet *Lux Beauty Soap*)

Then every time you washed your skin with Lux, you’d also be moisturizing your skin to keep it soft and smooth. Because of the moisturizing lotion right in the Lux lather.

Well, that’s what the Lux people did, put moisturizing lotion in every bar of Lux. Took them years to learn how to do it. But I can’t think of anything easier…(Liz twitches again, soap and lotion float and meet *Lux Beauty Soap*)… or nicer for your complection.
Announcer: New Lux keeps your skin softer and smoother because there’s moisturizing lotion in Lux.

Thanks to my dear friend, Charles Abel for creating the video clip!

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