The Bewitched Critic
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Designed as a fun and resourceful guide for all fans, The Bewitched Critic offers episode reviews with in-depth commentary, interesting anecdotes, bloopers & behind the scenes info on all your favorite episodes -- a far cry from the usual, standard synopsis found everywhere else -- and found NOWHERE else but here!
With The Bewitched Critic as your guide, you're sure to watch the same episode you've seen a million times, this time with new eyes while learning more about your faves (and not so faves!)
Don't watch "Bewitched" without it!


To fully enjoy and understand the reviews, it's helpful to be familiar with the following rating system:

Many reviews will contain these features:

DIANE WATCH: Notes all the appearances of Diane Murphy, Erin's sis.
GERALD WATCH: Notes all the appearances of Gerald York, long-time favorite "extra."
MELODY WATCH: Notes all the appearances of Melody Thomas, Liz's stand-in, in all of her appearances as an extra (non-Sam/Serena)
OOPS!: Bloopers or other inconsistencies noted.

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