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All the artwork, photos images and ideas were created by me, Vic. Above are a few of the Bewitched rarities I have brought you first. My Bewitched Page is not at the top of any of the search engines, nor do I make it my life's goal to promote my site. Sadly, this seems to give other sites the idea that because you may find their page first, you will believe everything "Bewitched" you view afterwards is "lifted" from them. That is not the case. Those who have followed my site from it's inception know the features I have presented preceded the other site's additions. You can also see from the quality of my images, they originated from me. Of course I have mixed feelings about the lifting from my site. I am flattered that others feel my images and ideas are good enough to warrant copying. But then there's the other side that makes me say, how can they accuse others of "lifting" when they are guilty. Oh well. I know I can sleep with a clear conscious, knowing that everything you see here is either mine, created by me or donated willingly by other Bewitched fans. All here for you to enjoy for years to come. Thank you to all my loyal friends, old and new for your support, encouragement, input and contributions.

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