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Heart PendantQ: Why did Samantha wear that heart necklace in most of the episodes?

A: The heart pendant was a gift to Elizabeth Montgomery from her husband the Producer & Director of Bewitched, William Asher. It was a white gold diamond encrusted pendant (not a locket). When the Ashers marriage was breaking up "Samantha" replaced the heart pendant with an "S" on a gold chain.

Dick York as DarrinQ: Why were there two Darrins?

A: Dick York suffered a major injury to his back in 1959 while making a movie, which left him with cronic pain and an addiction to pain killers. By 1969 York was missing too many episodes & a replacement was inevitable. Dick Sargent was actually the first choice for the role of Darrin back in 1964, but had contractual obligations which prevented him from filling the role. In 1969 when York could no longer continue Sargent stepped in.

SerenaQ: Who played Serena? Was it Elzabeth Montgomery or Pandora Spocks?

A: Elizabeth Montgomery portrayed Samantha's kooky cousin Serena. After a few years of playing a sweet house wife Liz, who had played a variety of characters on televison before Bewitched, needed a challenge. Serena gave her a chance to go a little wild. Nifty camera tricks & the back of Liz's stand-in's head, created the illusion. The name Pandora Spocks was Liz's idea, it's a take off on "Pandora's Box".

Q: Where did the Stephens live? house

A: 1164 Morning Glory Circle in the town of Westport, Conneticut or depending on the episode, Patterson, New York. For one episode, #131: "How Green Was My Grass," the house number was also changed.

AdamQ: Was Adam a mortal or a warlock?

A: In episode #242 "Adam, Warlock or Washout" we discover Adam does have some witchly powers.

sheet musicQ: Were there lyrics to the Bewitched theme song?

A: Yes, and here they are. To hear the lyrics visit my Bewitched Sound Bytes Page or The Hollywood Palace Page.

Bewitched, bewitched, you've got me in your spell.
Bewitched, bewitched, you know your craft so well.
Before I knew what you were doing I looked in your eyes.
That brand of woo that you've been brew-in' took me by surprise.

You witch, you witch, one thing that's for sure,
That stuff you pitch - just hasn't got a cure.
My heart was under lock and key - but somehow it got unhitched.
I never thought my heart could be had.
But now I'm caught and I'm kinda glad to be--
Bewitched. Bewitched-witched.

Sam twitchesQ: How did Samantha twitch her nose? Was it a camera trick?

A: Well.... When Elizabeth Montgomery wiggled her upper lip it gave the appearance of twitching her nose. Many times the film was sped up when she did her twitch. Liz explains it herself. (34K)

Q:Why are episodes #3 & #4 reversed on some lists? Which is the correct order?

A: On October 1st, during the original run of Bewitched, episode #3:"Mother Meets Whats-His-Name," was pre-empted. So it didn't run in it's original intended spot. Because it was an important episode ABC moved it back a week to October 8th, which made it pre-empt episode #4: "Shouldn't Happen to a Dog." Instead of moving back the entire series, "Dog" wasn't shown until the first season reruns began. When the listings were made for the first season, they were taken from the air dates. October 1st was missing a Bewitched airing, so it was assumed that the extra episode ("It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog") which didn't have an original air date, went in that blank spot. Subsequently most listings have taken this mistake as godspell. To view the correct season listings visit "The Bewitched Critic".

Samantha in he flying suit

Q: How many different flying suits (or witch's outfits) did Samantha wear?
Samantha in her flying suit
A: There were five. The first of which was seen in episode #5: "Help, Help, Don't Save Me." Since it was a black & white episode we can only speculate on the color. It appears in gray tones so it was definitely not black. Perhaps it was red as was the Samantha Ideal doll's gown. The second outfit was black with black chiffon sleeves(see photo on right). The third (pictured on left) was black with an aqua color lining to the sleeves. The fourth was a special Christmas flying suit. The fifth and last was a glitzy sparkling green sequin and black chiffon gown which we see Sam in for the last time in episode #252: "A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished."

Q: What was the name of the painting hanging in the Stephens' living room?

A: The painting is titled "A Girl with a Broom." It was painted by the famous Dutch artist, Rembrandt in the 1600's. Of course a copy (lithograph) was used and is still available to purchase today.

Bewitched on DVDQ: Where can I get Bewitched on DVD?

A: Sony Pictures has released the first six seasons in complete DVD sets!
Seasons one & two in both the original black and white version or gorgeously colorized!
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I also offer every episode unedited on DVD-R, with original sponosr openings, cast commericials and promos!

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